Last spring, I wrote about how it is important to stick with your brand identity – even when you are bored with it. Back then I noted that while you might tire of your brand in a year or two, it may take a decade before your clients or customers even begin to recall it.

So I was amused when I came across a fun article in Fast Company recently where consumers were asked to draw the logos of ten major consumer brands from memory. Spoiler alert: Most of them couldn’t. 

The article notes that the participants did best recreating the Shell Oil logo. The article speculates that this is because Shell has the simplest logo of the group. But I would argue it is also the oldest brand of the group – dating back to 1904.

They also did a reasonable job with Cadbury’s logo. (That could be because most of us have a special place in our heart for chocolate.) But Cadbury’s script logo is also long-lived having been launched in 1921.

That’s not to say that the the Cadbury and Shell logos haven’t evolved over time. After all, who couldn’t benefit from a little facelift every ten years or so? But basically, you and your brand have a good thing going, so don’t mess it up.

Love your brand, and it will love you back – maybe even for 100 years … or more.